Does Marketing Mix Modeling use GDPR or CCPA related Data?

December 12, 2022 | Juha Nuutinen, Carmen Bozga

We heard this question multiple times in our industry, therefore, we decided to say it out loud & clear.

We hope this statement reinforces the compliance of our marketing mix modeling solution:

"No. Sellforte Marketing Mix Modeling does not use any GDPR or CCPA related data."

To stay truthful, we have extensively brainstormed about this topic, however, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing fancy to say about something we do not use in our modeling. Therefore, we stuck to the statement above since it is sufficiently straightforward. Sellforte does not need any GDPR or CCPA related data for the modeling, hence, you are at all times 100% compliant when you are using our marketing mix modeling solution.

You can try out our MMM free here!

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