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Your monthly media investments
100 000€

Additional sales impact to unleash with Sellforte:

+ 35 400 €
How many media channels do you use?
How many main countries do you operate in?
How many campaign types/objectives do you run at the same time?
How large share of your total media investment is in digital (vs. offline)?
What is your average ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) of digital investments?
How large share of your total sales is in e-commerce (vs. offline channels)?

Save 16,66 % by choosing yearly billing. All prices are VAT exclusive.

Best Value


790/moGet started

Ideal for eCommerce companies investing in digital media

Included in Digital

  • The most common digital media sources
  • eCommerce conversions modeled
  • MMM dashboard with Media ROIs
  • Media optimizer recommmendations

Helping companies like

  • Understatement
  • Ifolor


2 490/moBook a demo

Perfect for companies in eCommerce with online & offline media investments

Everything in Digital plus

  • Offline media
  • Custom data connectors
  • Custom classifications (country, campaign type and customer type level results)
  • Email and Teams/Zoom support

Helping companies like


Contact salesContact sales

For retailers who have more than one sales channel and a KPI to measure

Everything in Growth plus

  • Multi sales channel modeling
  • Custom variables and modeling
  • Multiple target KPIs: incl. Sales, Margin, Brand KPIs and website traffic
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Quarterly Business Review meetings (Insights and recommendations explained)

Helping companies like

  • Sunrise
  • Neste
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Media driven sales / ROI
Ad network ROI
Media channel ROI
Country specific ROIs
Campaign type ROI
Campaign ROI
Product category uplifts
Customer type uplifts
Customer segment uplifts
Bidding strategy type ROI
Sales channel uplifts
ROIs per brand
Custom media dimensions
Optimal media investment level
Optimal media group split
Optimal media split per market
Optimal campaign type split
Optimal media split across brand portfolio
Conversions or Orders
Conversion Value
Offline sales
Website traffic
Brand KPIs
Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4
Google Ads
Meta Ads
Google search console
Microsoft advertising
TikTok Ads
Snapchat Marketing
LinkedIn Ads
Twitter Ads
Quora Ads
Pinterest Ads
Amazon Ads-
Amazon DSP-
RTB House-
Campaign Monitor-
Omnisend -
Apple search ads-
Spotify Ads-
Google Ad Manager--
Google Campaign Manager 360--
Google Display & Video 360--
Google Search Ads 360--
Google Trends--
OOH (Out-Of-Home)-
Direct mail
Display direct buys-
Online video direct buys-
Standard external variables
Granted discounts and promotions
Custom external variables
Update frequency options
Calibration with experiments and lift tests
Web analytics data via connectors
Digital media data via connectors
Offline media data using standard data template-
Offline media data using custom data template--
Custom external variables
Data historyUp to 3 yearsUp to 3 yearsUnlimited
Manual data deliveries via Sellforte Data Platform-
Ingest data from Google Sheets-
Standard data harmonization across channels
Custom classifications
Custom rules
Custom transformations
Export as .xlsx Excel-file
Export to data warehouse--
Number of environments
Customized UI data dimensions-
Customized UI colors and look-and-feel--
Number of users35Unlimited
IP whitelisting
VPN access
Azure AD SSO--
Google SSO--
Email support
Teams/Zoom support-
Dedicated Customer Success Manager--
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)--
Onboarding accelerator--

Frequently asked questions


We use data connectors like Supermetrics and Funnel to automate all data pulls and updates. If you don't have a data connector already, Sellforte's sales will update you about a joint deal.


Digital media with data connectors and offline media with standard data templates or with custom data sources (extra costs)


Enterprise setup is always tailored for the customer, but we try to automate all the data updates as much as possible.

Again, Digital media is connected with connectors and offline media by using either templates or providing a data dump on Sellforte's Upload service during onboarding. Later those data sources will be automated

We would love to be as open as possible with the pricing, but sometimes it's not that easy to bring complex pricing to a simple website.

To be able to give out a price for an Enterprise solution we need to understand and consult about the modeling scope that is planned to be set up.

Also, the data quality, connections, automation level, used media groups, media data sources, modeled timeseries and service level plays a role in Enterprise pricing, so we figured out it's actually easier to discuss this over a video call and get a proposal afterwards.

This lets multiple different types of customers enjoy the product at a price level that takes into account their unique situation and the value they get from the product.

This pricing method was chosen at Sellforte since, in our opinion, customers view MMM SaaS solutions more in terms of the value the platform can give to their business than wanting to pay for the modeling work itself.

Since we know the value of MMM lies in media investments, it’s the most natural way the base the pricing on it. Whether your annual media budget is 300 000 € or 100 million € the impact is percentage-wise pretty much the same if there is only some complexity to be optimized.

Yes, this is a very typical way of implementing Sellforte since Digital is fast to implement and you start learning from the data faster.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of offline media, your results will change a bit after offline media is updated to the scope.

You also miss the opportunity to optimize the full entity immediately and make the most out of your budget.

Start your trial

Sellforte is optimal for you if:

  • You operate within eCommerce or Retail sector
  • Invest in digital media at least 300 000 € annually
  • Look for objective & comparable metrics for all of Your digital media channels

After submitting your trial request, Sellforte's team will get in touch with you to go through some of the modeling specifications and onboarding practicalities. After the minimum commitment period of the pilot the client can cancel the subscription by delivering a written notice to Sellforte.