Making marketing the revenue center

The most robust MMM platform for all media channel measurement, optimization, and sales forecasting.

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Making marketing the revenue center
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All-in-one MMM platform for eCom, Retail & Agencies

  • For decades Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) has been a slow and painful process that is highly respected but rarely loved due to its slowness.

    This has now changed for good.

    Sellforte's MMM solution provides retailers and agencies an easy, fast, and close to real-time solution to measure marketing performance and forecast revenue.

    It's your everyday backup whether you are reporting campaign results, optimizing media mix, forecasting revenue, or prepping for a board meeting.

Badged Meta Measurement Partner

Sellforte has been accepted as a badged Meta Measurement Partner, which enables Sellforte data scientist to access the best quality data from Meta's channels.

MMM in a nutshell

Main use cases

Click-based attribution vs. Sellforte MMM

Click-based attribution models

Based on clicks

Uses only clicks to attribute revenue

Third-party cookies

Sunsetting methodology


Human and platform biased measurement

Reporting traffic sources

Doesn't tell what was because of marketing


Rich media data

Uses investments, media metrics and ad related data


Statistical techniques (Bayesian Inference)


Business model not related to media


Marketing ROI and forecasting capabilities

Number crunching.

+1 B€

optimized media investments

+1 %

more effective marketing

1 x

ROI for our customers buying Sellforte

Industry-specific solutions

  • eCommerce

    Optimizing user acquisition costs to drive both new customers and Lifetime Value (LTV) of current customers

  • DTC brands

    Optimize your global digital media investments for the DTC channel and find insights for growth

  • Specialty retail

    Optimizing promotions and media investments to maximize sales uplifts per product category and sales channel.

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