Increase media-driven sales +15 %

Measure and optimize media investments for your real Business KPIs and hit your revenue goals.

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Making marketing the revenue center
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Marketing optimization platform for eCommerce and Omnichannel retailers

  • For decades Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) has been a slow and painful process that is highly respected but rarely loved due to its slowness.

    This has now changed for good.

    Sellforte's MMM solution provides e-commerce brands and Omnichannel retailers an easy, fast, and close to real-time solution to measure marketing performance and forecast future sales.

    It's your everyday backup whether you are reporting campaign results, optimizing media mix, forecasting revenue, or prepping for a board meeting.

Measure incrementality and hit your business goals

Sellforte platform integrations and outputs

Main use cases

Measuring ROI

Sellforte is a single source of truth for all media channel measurements. We measure all media channels from Out-Of-Home to digital channels like Meta and Google.

Results will be available on the following levels:

  • Media type (Own, Digital, Offline)
  • Media Group (TV, OOH, Paid Social, Paid Search, Display, etc.)
  • Advertising platform (Facebook Ads, Google, TikTok, Criteo, etc.)
  • Campaign objective (Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, etc.)
  • Bidding strategy (Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize conversions, etc.)
  • Campaign (Facebook retargeting Hats week 24, etc.)

Measuring ROI

Scenario planning

Scenario planner lets you build scenarios for upcoming periods. Whether you are planning for the next year, quarter, month or week, we recommend building these five different scenarios (annual example):

  • Reference: What would happen if we would just replicate the same plan as last year
  • Budget optimization: Optimize the same budget based on MMM results
  • Budget optimization: Optimize based on MMM results and let the allocation change by +/- 30 %
  • Budget optimization: Optimize based on MMM results and let the allocation change as much as possible
  • Sales target optimization: If my sales target is 37 M€, how much should spend on media and how should I allocate it
Scenario planning

Media allocation and Sales forecast

After choosing the most desired scenario you can see the optimal media allocation per week and a full sales forecast that takes into account the historical baseline and scenario's investment outcome.

See how sales forecast changes by applying a baseline adjuster from - to + 10 % based on historical performance.

Use this view to:

  • Justify investment changes
  • Justify bigger budgets for media
  • Talk with your agency about optimal media allocation
Media allocation and Sales forecast

How it works?

Using MMM, Ad platform metrics, and incrementality tests

Sellforte's methodology is based on Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM), more precisely Bayesian inference, a statistical analysis measuring incremental sales driven by media and other factors.

Ad platform metrics and incrementality tests are used to make the results more accurate and useful also for performance marketing.

Our methodology

Number crunching.

+1 B€

optimized media investments

+1 %

more effective media

1 x

ROI for our customers buying Sellforte

Integrates with your favourite mediums and BI tools

Sellforte intergrations

Badged Meta Measurement Partner

Sellforte has been accepted as a badged Meta Measurement Partner, which enables Sellforte data scientist to access the best quality data from Meta's channels.

MMM in a nutshell

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