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Sellforte's platform links your media, business and Google Analytics data together so that you can compare MMM and GA-attributed results and find interesting insights.


Media investments to GA/GA4 data

To be able to compare how MMM-attributed sales compare to Google Analytics-attributed sales, media investments need to be linked to GA data. This enables you to

  • What is the actual media-driven sales?
  • To see i.e. how branded search differs from click-based attribution
  • What is the actual value of video advertising like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram reels
Media data linking to Google Analytics

Gross margin to GA/GA4

Similarly to media investments, the platform links your CRM data to Google Analytics data enabling insights of how different attributions and optimization suggestions will impact your profitability

  • Understand how MMM and GA attribution impacts your profitability
  • Find insights for savings and profitability growth
Gross margin linking

Customer segments to GA/GA 4

Also customer segments can be linked to Google Analytics data from your CRM data. This will enable you to see

  • How segments behave within different attribution methods
  • Insights to save and grow based on the segments
Customer segment linking

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