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Optimize your global media spend to maximie online channels growth

Sample results from eCommerce customers

-1 %

smaller customer aqcuisition costs (CAC)

+1 %

Increased sales for current customers

Maximize the growth

The key to make a profitable online business is to acquire new customers with a predictive customer acquisition cost (CAC) and having a great life time value (LTV) of current customers.

With the platform you are able to bring all ad network (like Google, Meta, TikTok , Apple etc) costs & conversions to one place, and to measure scientifically the right amount of share to each ad network. After finding the baseline and ad network-driven sales, it's easier to start building scenarios for next budgeting season.

Main use cases

Cross market optimization

The biggest wins in user acquisition optimization can be done by optimizing investments across markets.

Since the total uplift of campaigns has typically been hidden with other solutions, user acquisition (UA) investments are not divided optimally to maximise growth.

The model finds market-specific baselines, uplifts per campaign and recommends allocation by effectiveness. All you need to do is the adjust based on your targets.

New customers

By bringing all user acquisition channels in to one place, seeing the incremental sales that those are generating gives an overview what is working and what not.

Having this information 24/7 lets you also start planning based on the impact on business to further optimize your customer acquisition costs (CAC)

New customers

Current customers

By tagging modeled data with new customer / current customer tags, you can see marketing effectiveness from the perspective of each segment. Especially if you have lift test results f.e. from a platform like Meta those are good to implement as a part of modeling.

Typically this means that different kinds of campaigns and mediums drive current customer sales and Lifetime value (LTV) than in the user acquisition function.

Current customers

Category uplifts

Campiagn's typically target general user aqcuisition rise and getting current customers to keep on buying, but in your target is to rise certain product categories' sales f.e. +15 % and general growth for +5 %

eCommerce solution looks at marketing effectiveness not only from the category you are targeting, but you can also find insights for that specific campaign's category uplifts to report fully the effectiveness of that campaign.

Role-specific use cases


Data is fed automatically through data connectors like Supermetrics or Funnel. After set up there is no need to pull any data sets manually.

Typically on a weekly basis. If needed, we can go up to daily updates

Yes, this is typically the case. This is called the Digital solution and if you include offline media as well, you need to upgrade to the Growth plan. See more details on the sellforte.com/pricing page

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