Strategic marketing

Sellforte platform enables you to see the full picture and invest media budgets to countries, campaign types and platform that brings best ROI

Strategic marketing use cases

Top use cases

Continuous Media ROI

As all of your media investments are connected to the platform and modeled against your business data, you can see what is actually driving your business.

Continuous marketing ROI

Optimal media investment

After you have done the modeling you are able to use your historical results to plan for future time periods. Do investment planning:

  • For next year
  • For next quarter
  • For summer season
Optimal media investment

Long-term sales impact

If you wish to capture the full impact of media, beyond sales after 28 days of the investment and brand KPIs, you might want to consider measuring also the long-term impact. This gives you a better understanding of how different campaign types i.e. brand campaigns drive business.

Long-term modeling