Digital Marketing Mix Modelling

Avoid conversion mismatch in reporting and optimize your digital marketing spending in different ad networks to maximize conversions.

New gold standard for digital marketing optimization

With the depreciation of cookies, ad networks are now trying to attribute sales uplifts in isolation, leading to overlap and "spend more to get more" mindset. Sellforte collects all marketing and sales data under one platform, enabling marketers to optimise investments across all ad networks and spend less to get more.

Key benefits of Digital MMM

1 hours

time to results

0 %

dependency on cookies

1 %

average increase in marketing effectiveness

Attribution models vrs Digital MMM

Attribution models


Sunsetting methodology


User or platform biased for setting rules for sales attribution


Reports looking only backwards with ROI measurements



Latest methodology in econometrics


Business model not related to media


Marketing ROI with baseline and scenarios for upcoming seasons

Digital Marketing Mix Modelling in a nutshell

All data in one platform

The first step of optimizing your digital marketing spend is to bring all digital marketing data together and visualize it.

Data from companies like Meta, Google, Apple search ads, programmatic, and your direct buys are all in one place for you to see the big picture.

Conversions modelled

After bringing conversions number to the platform modelling can be started and you are able to see what is the true baseline and true medium driven-sales when used statistical models instead of last-click attribution or medium-specific analytics.

This typically showcases that your baseline is actually much migher than reported and the amounts of attributed conversions per medium goes down.

Optimize spends

The biggest benefit of Digital MMM comes at this point since you are now able to start optimizing your weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual investments based on modelled results.

Find the optimal investment level, optimal campaign type split and medium-specific investment.

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