Sellforte Media Optimizer lets you plan future media investments so that you will hit your sales targets


Main use cases

Scenario planning

Start using Optimizer by building up scenarios. You can build as many scenarios as you want, but our recommendation for example for annual planning is to build four scenarios:

  • Reference scenario for the same period that you are planning now
  • MMM scenario for comparing results for old and new world
  • +/-30 % MMM scenario for letting the numbers to change +/- 30 %
  • Full range Scenario for maximum impact
Scenario planning

Optimal media allocation

Once you have found a suitable scenario, you can switch the scenario by just a click of a button to optimal, weekly level media allocation.
This, up to advertising channel media allocation, can be used to have another view for the media planning either internally or together with your agency.

Optimal media allocation

Sales forecasting

You can use the Optimizer also to build scenarios based on your sales targets. This way the Optimizer builds you an MMM-based, optimal media allocation and budget to hit your sales target.

Use it to hit your:

  • Annual sales target
  • Quarterly sales target
  • Monthly sales target
Sales forecasting

Cross-market optimization

Once your MMM scope includes multiple markets, you can use the Optimizer also to find the optimal balance f.e. for next year's budget for certain markets.

Use the same structure (Reference, + / - 30 %, Full range and Sales target) as for other dimensions to see the difference for scenarios

Cross-market optimization

Advanced scenario configuration

If you are familiar with the platform and you want to start giving more guidance to the scenarios, you can use the left-hand side of the Optimizer for Advanced usage. Find for example features like:

  • Adjusting promotion-driven and base sales to match upcoming season's expectations (+/- 10 %)
  • Limiting or putting an exact media investment for a given period
  • Importing and Exporting boundaries
  • Saving scenarios for future use cases
Advanced scenario configuration


You can optimize whatever time period you want fro the calendar view.

Optimizer works well for Annual, quarterly and monthly planning.

Yes, this is possible in the Optimizer.

Yes, you can export all scenarios' optimal, weekly media allocation data and use it for buying media.

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