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Our story, values and people you can reach out to and learn more about Sellforte's value to your company.

Sellforte team

We are a group of passionate people with variety of backgrounds from management consulting, media agency, brand marketing, science and data analytics.

We all have one common thing: we love to see our customers unleashing business impact.

We believe that marketing should be seen as a revenue center rather than a cost center and the way to get there is through quality analytics.

Facts about Sellforte

+1 B€

optimized media investments

1 x

ROI for our customers buying Sellforte

+1 %

more effective marketing

Our values

  • Deliver measurable customer value

    The foundation of our business lies in our ability to deliver measurable value to our customers. It's the reason customers buy the service, and it's the reason customers stay with us. All Sellforteans play a role in delivering customer value. While TV cameras often zoom into the scoring of a goal, it is important to understand that each pass that happened before it were critical in making the goal happen.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work

    We are a team that works together to conquer challenges. In our team, we treat each other with same respect, fairness and kindness that we treat our friends with outside the office. We care for each others' wellbeing, and we look for opportunities to help each other. We strive for a low hierarchy where best ideas win over titles or authority. And hey, customers are part of the team too.

  • Work smart and make it fun

    Let's face it: we are an extremely smart bunch of people. We apply that smartness in our everyday work, and we always choose the smart way instead of the hard way. We focus on solutions that maximizes value for all of our customers. We stop doing things that don't add value to our customers or to the company. Most importantly, whatever we do, we try to find that extra spark of fun that makes the journey worthwhile to ourselves and to the people around us.

  • Unlock your full potential

    While we love to see our customers and their businesses thrive, we also love to see Sellforteans thrive. We maintain a growth mindset and invest in personal development. We take strong ownership of our own areas/domains, and enable others do the same. We push the boundaries of innovation in the problems we decide to solve.

  • Openness & honesty

    We communicate openly with each other, both the good and the bad. We believe that sharing information enables us to tap into the collective brainpower of the whole team to find the best solutions to hardest problems. We acknowledge that maintaining openness is hard, especially as the company grows, but we will do our best and hold ourselves to high standards. When we give honest feedback to each other, we remember to do it with respect and kindness. When we receive honest feedback, we acknowledge that the other person is doing it with best intentions in mind.

Leadership team

Juha Nuutinen

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Mikko Ervasti

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Teppo Luukkonen

CTO & Co-Founder

Katarzyna Wierzchowiecka

Customer Success Director

Paul Arpikari Sellforte

Paul Arpikari

Chief Commercial Officer

Lauri Potka

Chief Operating Officer

Our offices

Map displaying the location of the Finland HQ

HQ Finland

‍A Grid

Otakaari 5, 02150
Espoo, Finland



Map describing the location of the Germany office


c/o Home United Management
GmbH Nobistor 16

22767 Hamburg



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