Enterprise Marketing Mix Modeling

Always-on MMM solution for companies that invest both in offline and online marketing

Sellforte Enterprise MMM
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State-of-the-art MMM solution

Sellforte Enterprise MMM solution is for the ones that demand not just the most robust modeling scopes, but also the deepest insights.
You can tailor the solution to your business needs and have all product categories and sales channels modeled.

Results are typically updated on a monthly basis due to offline data.

Key benefits

+1 %

avg. Marketing ROI increase

-1 hours

manual analysis & data cleaning work

Up to1

updates per year

From projects to Always-on MMM

Marketing Mix Modelling projects

Lead time

Modelling exercises done by consultants takes time


Results reported on tens of pages of PowerPoint


Reports looking only backwards with ROI measurements



Thanks to cloud computing you get updated results all the time


24/7 available platform to interpret the results


Marketing ROI with baseline and scenarios for upcoming seasons

Welcome to 2020s

Gather data together

- Digital marketing data pulls can be automated via medium-specific APIs or data connectors

- Offline media data and transaction data can be imported easily with Sellforte data platform

- Most popular external data sources like weather, COVID-19, consumer confidence etc are already connected to the platform by Sellforte

Comparable metrics for all marketing activities

One of the key benefits of Marketing Mix Modelling is that it makes different media channels and campaign types comparable by measuring activities by their sales uplift and its relation to the initial investment (equalling ROMI).

Campaign ROI and uplifts

See campaign-specific ROIs and how different categories got uplift thanks to the campaign.

Compare campaigns with each other and find patterns why certain mediums work better than others in a brand campaign than in a tactical campaign

Saturation points of media channels

Every media channel has its saturation point aka diminishing return curve which describes a situation when media still brings more back ROI than it takes from a financial perspective.

These curves are present on Sellforte platform and our Media optimizer tool uses these diminishing return curves to build what-if scenarios for alternative budgets, campaign splits and media mixes.

Scenario planning

Whether you are building a new marketing plan for a given budget or for a given sales target, Sellforte's scenario planning tool enables You to simulate how different investment levels, campaign and media plans would generate sales in the future.

Optimize across the whole marketing mix and get more sales for less budget.

Brand & Performance

Sellforte's solution is not just focusing on the easy problem of performance marketing effectiveness, but also delivers insights into long-term effects of brand campaigns and the measurable value of brand equity.

Performance marketing, due to its natural fast-moving manners, is able to be updated more frequently, giving performance marketers week-to-week insights on where to allocate the investments.

New customers

Role-specific use cases

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  • Analytics use cases

    Analytics & Insights

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  • Finance


    See marketing as an investment through scenario planning functionalities and build up data-driven budgets