Sellforte becomes an official Meta Business Partner for Measurement

January 17, 2024 | Paul Arpikari

Sellforte becomes an official Meta Business Partner for Measurement

Sellforte, a leading Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) provider for E-commerce and Retail, is now an official badged Meta Business Partner for Measurement.

This milestone marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge MMM solutions to businesses worldwide.

Overall, this collaboration between Sellforte and Meta helps our current and future customers get access to Meta’s MMM feed and gain the best possible use of the data for modeling. This helps to ensure that customers will get the most out of Meta as a media channel.

Sellforte becomes an official Meta Business Partner for Measurement

With this certification as an official Meta Business Partner, Sellforte gains access to an exclusive suite of tools and benefits designed to boost the performance
- Meta Measurement team

This certification not only marks a significant achievement for Sellforte’s methodologies used in Marketing Mix Modeling, backed by Meta’s Marketing Science team but helps companies recognize the quality MMM solutions on the market as the market gets more crowded due to changes in marketing measurement.
- Paul Arpikari, Chief Commercial Officer, Sellforte

About Sellforte

Sellforte is a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) SaaS solution for e-commerce and retail companies. The platform is designed to give valuable insights from media investments and use them for changes in their media mix and to gain measurable business value.

With the platform, companies can bring together all of their media data, model those against their sales or other target KPIs, and understand media channels’ true incrementality. The platform also enables scenario planning for strategic and performance marketing use cases.

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