Marketing budget

How to get your dream marketing budget

How to get your dream marketing budget

What you will find from this ebook:

  1. What's happening in 2022
    Companies are now gearing up for post-pandemic period that’s defined by a lot brighter tomorrow than what the past fortnight has been
  2. What the finance team wants to hear
    Start the conversations by explaining what you want to achieve with your marketing plan and how it links back to wider business strategy
  3. How "Financial" your marketing function is
    CHECKLIST: If you should check boxes, how many of them would you get
  4. Flowchart for stress testing the plan
    Follow the chart to see how your marketing plan is currently doing in a stress test

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Imagine that in the next budget negotiation both finance and marketing teams would sit on the same side of the table.

Now, wouldn’t that be sweet?

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