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What can I expect from the trial?

Sellforte's objective is to enable marketing teams to test the service with as low risk as possible. For this reason, we offer a trial period, after which it is possible to either continue the service, expand the scope of the service, or opt out. The right trial model depends on your business needs, and we will choose the right one for you in our kick-off meeting.

For ecommerce players and other companies investing mainly in digital channels and converting online, we are currently offering a 3-month trial.

For enterprises in retail, telco or FMCG industries, who invest in both offline and online media, we offer a 12-month trial. In this trial model, our customers typically choose to focus on one part of their business, such as a specific brand or a specifc geography.

The trial period starts after your data is onboarded, and you have access to the marketing mix modeling results.

To qualify for the trial, your company must fulfill following criteria:

  • You are a B2C company.
  • You spend at least 300 000 EUR / USD in media annually.

By signing up for the trial, you will get:

  • Marketing Mix Modeling results:
    • Incrementality of marketing: What share of your sales or conversions have been truly incremental due to marketing?
    • ROI by media channel: Which of your media are effective and which are not? (granularity of results to depend on your data)
    • Diminishing return curves: Are your channels saturated, or can you invest more effectively?
  • Access to Sellforte SaaS (see live demo here)
    • Marketing dashboard: Analyze your past marketing activities and their impact on sales
    • Media optimizer: How to change your budget allocation for better results?
  • Regular updates to the Marketing Mix Modeling results during the trial. Frequency of the updates will depend on the service level you choose for the trial, as well as your ability to provide data to Sellforte
  • Customer Success support to interpreting the results
  • Sign an Order Form for the trial, which includes Sellforte's general Terms of Use:
  • Provide data in accordance with Sellforte's instructions. In short, we need timeseries data for sales and marketing activities
  • Sellforte will contact you within 2 business days to schedule a kick-off meeting
  • Agenda for the kick-off meeting:
    • Understand your business context, and your marketing objectives
    • Choose the right trial model for you
    • Understand your starting point with data
    • Agree on trial timeline

During the trial, the service has a monthly fee in accordance with Sellforte's pricing model.

Unleashed impact.

+1 %

Marketing Effectiveness

+1 h

Annual time savings

1 x

ROI based on current customers