Import all data sets and make Sellforte your trusted one-source of-truth marketing hub.


Historical data

Access historical data anytime, anywhere. Proper evaluation of marketing performance and progress is impossible without access to your historical data. With Sellforte, you can rest assured that all of this data is always at your finger tips — ready for analysis whenever you need it.

  • Two years of historical data
  • Automatically store new data as it comes in
Historical data

Ownership & Exporting

Full ownership and control. You own your own data. You decide who can access your data, and what to do with the data. You can at any point in time take a full extract of all input data, processed data, and modeling results from the platform.

  • Full ownership
  • Export possibility for all media data as raw and processed
Exporting data in Sellforte

Always up-to-date

With automatic data connections via data connectors and business data sync, your most important data sets will be always up-to-date and you can get:

  • Multiple years of historical data can be imported to the platform when starting
  • New data is fetched daily or on-demand.
  • Historical data can easily be updated, e.g. backfills.
Always up-to-date


Your data will be always safe in Sellforte. The platform is GDPR & CCPA-compliant and is not using any personal data.

  • Audited platform by Nixu cybersecurity
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • Data storage in EU
Secured platform

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