Part 3: What data you need for MMM

What media data you need for Marketing Mix Modeling

What data you need for MMM

Lesson 3.1 - What media data you beed for MMM

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    • What media metrics you should be pulling from different channels
    • How to automate the data pulls

Online media data

Whether you’re a seasoned pâtissier or a starting pastry chef, online marketing is typically you’re bread and butter when it comes to growth and conversions.

Considering the amount of data and the agile nature of digital marketing, it’s worthwhile to find ways to automate the data pulls somehow.

Data connectors fetch the digital media data in a predefined format automatically for you, which in turn decreases the manual steps in your MMM.

Online media data requirements

Offline media data

Offline media, such as TV, radio or Print, is a great way to reach larger audiences and build your brand.

Offline media data has its own challenges, though. The media metrics can be quite different between media groups, data imports can’t be automated, and the campaign data mapping isn’t standardized which leads to inconsistencies in the data gathering.

This data should be machine-readable, so it can’t include for example images. The best format is usually .csv -files.

Offline media data requirements

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