Some good marketing news #4

May 14, 2021 | Chris Kervinen

Some good marketing news #4

Some good news – Marketing Edition #4

True to the original format – John Krasinski’s Some Good News – the goal of this series is to share some upbeat happenings from past weeks to the midst of all of the crisis alerts. As we all know, it’s currently very tough out there. It’s alright to look for the silver lining every now and then :)

Ikea shares 'easy-to-follow' instructions on how to build furniture forts

One of the things Ikea is known for, in addition to its affordable prices, are the (in)famous flat-pack instructions that come along with the furniture parts. And if there’s one thing we need to survive the pandemic, it’s furniture forts.

The furniture giant has tapped into this potential by sharing easy-to-follow instructions that show how consumers can create forts, dens and castles with resources that can be found at every home – Ikea’s chairs, blankets, pillows and fairy lights – along with a dash of creativity.

This isn’t the first time Ikea’s employees got creative. Last month Ikea Israel came up with instructional sheets on how to stay home , whereas Ikea Singapore created a short film that covered the simply joys of being home .

Check out the blueprints

Faux-meat marketers are keeping it positive, but expanding their footprint aggressively

As the virus has rattled the supply lines of meatpacking and put the industry under a microscope, alternative meats are a clear winner in quarantine. With sales up +454%, plant-based proteins are nearing the $1 billion mark. This would seem like a perfect time to use the competitors’ misfortune as a lever, but instead the meatless marketers have decided to take the high road and focus on promoting improved availability via grocery stores, charitable programs, direct-to-consumer channels and just-launched discounts.

“We’re seeing the inherent fragility of the conventional animal protein chain laid bare,” Zak Weston, foodservice expert at Good Food Institute says. “Faux meat marketers don’t need to talk about animal mistreatment, Covid-19 cases among slaughterhouse workers or rising beef prices. Every major news outlet is taking the lead there, as the White House has declared the meatpacking industry an essential business and tried to send workers back to factory floors…”.

Read the full story

Wunderman Thompson Releases 8 Hours of Agency Office Noise on SoundCloud

Some of us have been working remotely for a good while now. Although the “new normal” seems to integrate into our lives, it might be difficult to get the “office vibes” all by yourself.

To tackle this “office-sickness”, Wunderman Thompson Canada released 8-hour soundtrack from one of those pre-pandemic office days. The soundtrack “Isolation Station” starts, of course, with the 9 a.m. coffee brewing sounds, sets the atmosphere for the classical sad salad time around 12 p.m. and wraps up the day with 4 o’clock happy hour.

Find the playlist and tune in

That’s it for this week’s good marketing news. Don’t forget to tune in next Monday and stay positive!

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