Media data sets come from various sources in different data formats. Comparing them to each other is hard, and modeling with such data is impossible. Sellforte platform transforms and harmonizes the data from all sources to ease your media reporting and enable data modeling.


See the big picture

Media data from ad platforms comes in different formats and it's a mess trying to visualize them together. The Sellforte platform enables you to harmonize your master media data across ad platforms.

  • Get all media data sets in the same visualization without pain
  • Compare investments and see patterns
  • No need to jump from one ad manager to another to see the big picture
Harmonize all media channels

Unify campaign naming conventions

For media data to be ready for modeling, all media data needs to be in right format and in the right order. Sellforte platform automatically structures campaign naming convention so that modeling is feasible and will produce the insights wanted

  • Change naming conventions from existing to needed conventions
  • Skip tens of hours manual work that otherwise would need to happen before the modeling
Unify campaign naming conventions

Automatic currency conversions

Your global teams in different countries might be buying media in different currencies. This causes problems for analyses and insights since results are not comparable. Sellforte platform will let you:

  • Match used currencies to wanted analyzed currency
  • To update currency to latest change rates on i.e. annual basis
Automatic currency conversions

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