Growth MMM

Optimal solution for established eCom brands that uses offline and online media and wants to have a self-serve product

Sellforte Growth MMM

Best parts of self-serve & modeling complexity

Growth MMM product is designed for established eCommerce brands that want to have the best parts of self-serve solution's affordability, but still have the possibility to measure offline media's effect on their own sales data.

Key benefits

+1 %

avg. Marketing ROI increase

-1 hours

manual analysis & data cleaning work

Up to1

updates per year

Attribution models vrs Growth MMM

Attribution models


Sunsetting methodology

Last stage mediums


User or platform biased for setting rules for sales attribution


Reports looking only backwards with ROI measurements

Google Analytics conversion data

Not the data that you would like to report



Latest methodology in econometrics


Takes into account awareness, consideration and conversion mediums


Business model not related to media


Marketing ROI with baseline and scenarios for upcoming seasons

Actual sales data

Connect your business data from cloud services

Main use cases

Cross market optimization

The biggest wins in user acquisition optimization can be done by optimizing investments across markets.

Since the total uplift of campaigns has typically been hidden with other solutions, user acquisition (UA) investments are not divided optimally to maximise growth.

The model finds market-specific baselines, uplifts per campaign and recommends allocation by effectiveness. All you need to do is the adjust based on your targets.

Sales channels

Today's consumers demand to be served in multiple different channels and so you might have an App, brick-and-mortar store and eCommerce site.

In case you are trying to increase sales for a certain sales channel, f.e. eCommerce, Sellforte gives you detailed insights how uplifts differ by sales channel.

Media channels

Retail is detail.

To fully optimize your marketing spending and to create campaign-type specific media mix you need the insights bottom up.

With Sellforte you are able to go as down as medium-level ROIs to compare for example different TV channel, Newspapers, SoMe platforms and OOH providers against each other.

How to get it running?

Connect digital media

Digital media is extremely easy to implement for Growth product.

Connect your digital media data and Google Analytics conversions with ready-made Supermetrics x Sellforte's data template in 30 minutes.

Daily modeling updates will be done automatically with overnight data refreshes and you don't need to worry about finding data.

Implement offline media

Drag-and-drop a raw .csv file to the Data Platform which will be automatically validate and process the data for next modeling update

Offline media upload to MMM platform

Bring business data

With Growth MMM product you are able to use your own business data from a data lake, cloud service or BI solution like Snowflake, Amazon S3, Google Big Query, etc.

You are also able to send the data through STFP server if that is the most convenient way to integrate your data to the Sellforte platform

Custom data connector to Sellforte

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