Use Sellforte platform to optimize media investments from strategical and tactical persepctive


Build scenarios

Use measurement results to build optimal media investment scenarios. Scenarios can be built on multiple levels, but the typical way is to start from high-level planning, for example:

  • Scenario 1: Last year Q4 as a base scenario
  • Scenario 2: Upcoming Q4 optimized scenario with historical MMM results
  • Scenario 3: Upcoming Q4 optimized with +20 % more budget
Build scenarios

From high-level to weekly allocation

After building the scenarios, you can choose a specific scenario and see its allocation per week per Ad platform. See how weekly allocation is deferred in this example:

  • Week 43: Normal week
  • Week 47: Black Friday week
  • Week 52: Christmas week
High-level to weekly allocation

Ad platform optimization

After optimizing on a high-level, you focus on Ad platform-specific optimization. Choose TikTok, Google, Facebook or any other platform and dig in. You can for example see how to split Facebook ads investments for the next 12 weeks for different campaign objectives. Optimize i.e. Facebook between:

  • Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Leads or Sales
Ad platform optimization

Bidding strategy optimization

Optimize your Search spend with Sellforte platform. Choose in Media Optimizer Search Ads and Bidding Strategy to optimize for example following bidding strategies:

  • Target cost per action (CPA)
  • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Maximize Conversion Value
  • Enhanced cost per click (ECPC)

Bidding strategy optimization

See pricing and packaging

Pricing and packages