Merchandising & Category management

Sellforte for merchandising and category management

Full picture of promotions' profitability

Promotions are crucial to retail and you can win and lose your profitability in promotions.

Sellforte's roots are in retail and promotion effectiveness, so we know how important it is to get it right on the category level and how much you can win by getting it right.

Besides optimising media investments, Sellforte is a tool to optimize promotional activities on a continuous basis instead of PowerPoint reports.

You are able to get continuous updates & insights on how certain individual SKU promotions are working, but also higher level insights like segment specific promotions and comparing promotions mechanics effectiveness with each other.

Commercial Director

As a commercial director your job is to maximise sales and profitability. With Sellforte you are able to:

• Learn which campaigns holistically deliver the best incremental sales and margin in offline and online to adjust those accordingly

•Which product categories and items are performing the best and worst within each promotion in online and offline

•Get more sales and margin from your season-end sales, transitions, high seasons, vouchers, slow mover eliminations etc.

•Analyse results for allocating the category budget in the best way possible

• Learn the best discount %s which generates the most margin and sales

Category manager

Great promotions are not just driving up the sales of promoted items, but the whole basket of a shopper.

It's ok to optimize also in the category, but to maximise bigger impact of promoted items and promotional share of your category you need to understand the bigger picture and see how these promoted items builds basket across other categories.

Sellforte lets you continuously optimize these promotion SKUs and promotion share to make sure you hit your targets.

Sellforte for category managers

Solutions for retail

  • Grocery retail

    Basket building promotions and marketing effectiveness by stores concepts, campaign types and mediums

  • Specialty retail

    Optimizing promotions and media investments to maximize sales uplifts per product category and sales channel.

  • eCommerce

    Optimizing user acquisition costs to drive both new customers and Lifetime Value (LTV) of current customers

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