Sellforte Dashboard lets you dig deep into insights into MMM. Find high-level ROIs as well as performance marketing campaigns.



Insights view

The main view of Dashboards gives the overall picture of what has been happening in marketing for the chosen period. See for example where has the money been going and which channels are performing. Use tdifferent views like:

  • KPIs to give an overview of the performance
  • Table view to dig deeper into the data
  • Bar view into visualize performance
  • Bubble View (in the picture) to visualize performance and allocation
Marketing ROI

Media metrics

On top of all media investments, you can find all relevant media metrics from the platform as well.

Find for example: Conversion value, AOV, ROAS, CPC, CPM, CTR, etc.

Quite often it's useful to go through for example how CPM prices have been developing if your ROI is down.

Media metrics

Sales attribution

In this view, you can see your sales attributed in three different ways: MMM attributed (Sellforte), GA4 attributed and Ad platform attributed.

This, one-view-for-all-attributions, or Palantir as we call it, helps you, especially in a situation where people have used to looking at last-click attributed sales from GA4 or understanding media performance through Ad platform metrics.

Sales attribution

Advanced filters

With advanced filters, you can dig deeper into all historical data.

Switch the period of time you are looking for, go from Media Group results to Media Channel results, Choose a campaign results and look only Meta campaigns, etc.

You will have almost unlimited ways to turn and twist the data to find the answers you are looking for.

Advance filters