Platform overview

Key functionalities of the platform and the value you get from using those.

Overview of platform features

One source of truth to marketing effectiveness

Sellforte platform integrations and outputs

Key functionalities

Connect easily

Whatever mediums you are using, a couple of clicks will deliver your data sets to the platform

  • Online media via data connectors
  • Own media via data connectors
  • Offline media via .csv file drag-and-drop or API
  • Business data via data connectors or API
Connect easily

Harmonize everything

Different data sources equal differrent formats. Sellforte platform harmonizes all needed data sets to the same structure without you needing to clean the data beforehand.

  • Customize campaign naming conventions (e.g. brand search)
  • Segment data by brand or market
  • Automatic currency conversion

Automatic linking

To be able to compare apples to apples between different measurements Sellforte enables automatic linking between data sources.

  • Combine media investments to GA/GA4 data
  • Link gross margin information to GA/GA4 data
  • Link customer segment to GA/GA4 data
Automatic linking

Store securely

Store all your media data in one place, securely.

  • Import 2 years of historical data when connecting
  • Automatically store new data as it comes in
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • IT-Security audited platform

Robust modeling

The robustness of Bayesian inference results from putting together prior beliefs and evidence from the data.

Built by top data scientists, approved by top customers.

  • Bayesian inference as a methodology
  • Automatic seasonality and trend components included
  • Learns from the new results
Robust modeling

See the results

After the modeling, results are available in dashboards specifically designed to find insights from MMM:

  • Actual, incremental media-driven sales and ROI
  • Campaign and campaign objective uplifts and ROIs
  • Ad platform and ad product-driven incremental sales
Media ROI

Validate the results

Adjusting marketing budgets running in hundreds of thousands or millions requires trust. Sellforte platform's built-in model and result validation builds trust in the following ways:

  • Automatic validation of data and results in every refresh
  • Model validation with goodness-of-fit metrics such as MAPE and R2
  • Possibility to input ground-truths such as lift test results to calibrate the models
Validate the results

Plan the growth

Measurement without changing something is pointless. Media Optimizer lets you to:

  • Build scenarios and find optimal media investment level for each season
  • Optimize spending across Ad platforms (Google, Meta, TikTok, TV etc.)
  • Optimize within Ad platform products (Google PMax, Shopping, Display etc.)

How it works? FAQ

Typically two years of historical data is enough for algorithms to capture the impact of different seasonalities, vacations, campaign types, and mediums.

When there is enough historical data, that is detailed enough, consists of variation, geographical differences, price changes, and different investment allocation in campaigns models find specific uplifts created by these factors.

For three main reasons:

1. First of all, you most likely want to report how you are spending company money and how it's turning into sales and profit

2. Marketing measurement with current tools gives you partial truths in silos, MMM platform gives you a holistic view of your investments all the time

3. You might be spending money on markets, campaign types and mediums that are not optimal to increase your brand awareness or sales in the given topic

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