Promotion Effectiveness

Example results of our customers

+1 %

avg. profit increase on promotions

-1 hrs

promotion management work

Up to 1 %

less waste

Total transparency for promotion effectiveness

On average one in every five dollars globally is spent on promoted goods. 20- 50% of these promotions are not generating enough uplift to justify the discount .

Sellforte Promotion Effectiveness helps you to craft powerful promotions and cut expensive ones from Your campaigns. It also reveals all of the major factors behind each promotion, such as Volume uplift, Cannibalisation & Basket halo, helping you to pick the most profitable promotions for each campaign.

Waterfall analysis

Promotion effectiveness' one cornerstone is the waterfall analyses that is available as well as SKU-level as category and promotion type level.

Get the insights of cannibalization of other products in the same category, stock-up effect for the given product and halo effects basket size perspective.

Price elasticity

Sellforte Promotion Effectiveness provides helpful guidelines for promotion planning, such as discount amount or promotion mechanic, decreasing the manual labour that would otherwise have to be invested into the process.

Promotion mechanics

To fully optimize your promotion strategy, you need to go beyond price elasticities.

With Sellforte's promotion effectiveness, you are able to compare different promotion mechanics' effectiveness to each other. Measure and find out if 3 for 2, 4 for 3 or price cut -mechanics are the ones delivering profitable business for you.

Continuous analysis empowers you to see the impact of promotions with a faster phase so that promotions will not eat the profitability.

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